The Race is Long

Not Quite on the Road Again

I’m training my toes. I’m training the soles of my feet. Seriously. I thought about it as I walked to the gym a few days ago. This was what I was doing. This was and is, all I can do in the meantime, so I will pour all my energy into strengthening my toes and my soles.

It’s not as dumb as it sounds. To a certain degree, it’s comforting. It lets me know I’m still doing something; that I still CAN.

I’m taking it slowly. At least that’s what I keep telling myself. I’ve been saying that for over a month. I’ve been feeling bad for about five weeks now. On and off—mostly on. About 85% of the time. I’m either in pain or I’m dizzy and under threat of sicking up.

Anyway. Enough about that.

Today, I went on a long cardio stretch, nearly two and a half hours—indoors, I can only manage the gym, for now. These days, that’s already a big deal. Huge! At some point in that two-something hours, I nearly saw stars. Somewhere in my painstakingly easy but long workout is a gut busting 5k; which I had to do in two headscratchingly shameful segments (3k+2k)

After my workout, I chopped off my hair. As I did when I trained for a marathon. Maybe it’s to symbolize my renewed commitment to training or maybe I’m just tired of it hitting me in the face when I run; either way, it’s beneficial. I hope it works.


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