Everyday Uncommon

Queen of Anything

I’ve been enjoying several days of clarity. By this, I mean a pain-free and dizziness-exempt existence. Woohoo! It’s cause for celebration indeed. I have been trying to get some more work in and some more workouts as well; even though the latter is done mostly indoors and mostly on an easy-does-it setting.

It seems like it took my new meds about seven days to set me to rights. If they are responsible for this. Whatever. I’m just happy and thankful. I never thought feeling normal and ordinary would mean so much. We never do, I suppose. I just hope never to take it for granted.

In honor of this much betters state, I went on my first road run last Sunday. It was a painful 5k. Slow and lumbering; or maybe I should say, slower and more lumbering than usual. The first 500 meters was pure torture, like someone was putting a bat to my shins. Of course, the pain receded after a bit, but the run didn’t get any easier.

Events seem to be conspiring to help me along. Yesterday, I found myself in a good position to buy some running gear—purchasing online and a friend can bring them over. Must be a sign. Maybe the running drought is at an end. Maybe the health woes will stay at bay for some time. Maybe  some other things are possible. Maybe anything. Maybe.

P.S. Blame the title on Sara B and the song that came on as I wrote the last line.


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