To the Pain

Migraine Update

A quick report on the migraine journey. So far, so good. After a couple of weeks on Topamax, I’ve been doing okay. I’ve had a couple of mishaps taking the meds. I missed taking it one night and the night after that, I took the wrong pill. I turned out, I grabbed a leftover Inderal—prescribed by another doctor—by mistake. I discovered it the following evening when it was time to take my nightly dose and I still had an extra Topamax. I guess that would account for the dizziness I felt in the supermarket the day after.

I’ve been taking supplements for nerve damage as well. Yes, tempted to say ugh! And, I will have my eyes checked. Gotta take care of these babies. Can’t have ’em going this way and that when I need them focused on the screen while I work. Plus, I’m sure every bit that will contribute to the avoidance of any sort of headaches will be good.

I’m set for an appointment with head doc next week. We’ll see. As okay as the treatment has gone so far (and it has, the problem usually stems from my negligence), I’m thinking of exploring other options. Then again, I’m always conscious of the number one rule: if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.


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