To the Pain

A Prickle Here and There

I’m off to see the head doc tomorrow. I was supposed to go on a follow up 2 weeks after my initial check up. Naturally, it took me 3.5 weeks. It’s not all my fault. He runs a busy clinic and getting an appointment is not that easy. Well, that, of course, is an excuse. Another one among my many. I’m lucky to have gotten one for tomorrow morning in one phone call—someone must have cancelled or something.

Since going back on Topamax and since going on a higher dosage, I’ve been feeling pretty good. I haven’t had one migraine attack. I’m keeping my fingers crossed of course. My brain and body might take that as a dare. Peace. No one’s challenging you guys.

Last year, prior to this round of migraine craziness, I went to the doctor to consult about a weird tingling, a prolonged pins and needles sensation I had on my toes—on both feet. It lasted for about 7 weeks. Three doctors, a blood test, and a couple of prescriptions for B Complex supplements later, it slowly faded away. They ruled out diabetes; that’s all I remember.

Early this year, I started to get these prickling sensations more often, these pins and needles type feelings, even when I haven’t done anything to cause them. Usually, when we get such sensations, we’ve constricted blood flow to the area, e.g. sat on a leg, slept on your hand, etc., etc. My episodes are increasingly more random. And now, they’re getting more frequent. The tingling or prickling sensations now occur on my feet, hands, and face (on both sides of my cheeks, the facial one sometimes last for an hour). So, that’s what I’m curious to ask about.

In truth, I’m both dying to know and I’m afraid to hear that I need to get more tests.


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