The Race is Long

Not So Deadly Sin

I was pretty much set on not going out to run today.

It hasn’t been the best week. Though I definitely have had worse, I’ve been generally feeling a bit run down; a low grade headache has been a constant companion since last Monday and an intermittent cough had me paranoid enough to start swallowing the giant vitamin C supplements.

My last workout was Tuesday. The weather has been in cahoots with me in this downward spiral. The back-to-back storms has made running outdoors too difficult, both for my body and for my will. Saturday was a makeup workout of sorts. Suffice it to say, I semi-killed myself; and  I knew it too. It wasn’t that the hour on the elliptical was on an especially hard setting, or that the 5k on the treadmill right after was split-your-gut difficult, it was just that the 3-day gap between workouts and the lack of outdoor running was too much of a “rest.” So, after yesterday’s effort, my calves were basically flippin’ me the birdie. Big time.

At least, I figured, I did it early enough so that I’d be wiped out just in time to get to bed early. Too late in the afternoon and I’d be too amped to sleep right away. This way, at least I’d be able to wake early enough for my Sunday run.


Woke early. Couldn’t get up.

Woke again at around seven, it was pouring.

At nine something, the rain had calmed down enough to actually be able run in but I felt too lazy. I was firmly ensconced in my bed and in my excuse—not feeling all that great, shouldn’t risk getting worse.

Sin was my saving grace. Envy got me. It got me good.

I was going back and forth trying to decide whether to go to the gym for a quick workout or to go for a short run—instead of my Sunday quota. But when my sister dropped by on her way for her run, envy struck. In fifteen minutes, I was out splashing puddles.

So, here’s to sin. Especially when it backfires. Much as I’d like to report I completed today’s quota, I didn’t. But I had a pretty good run in the rain. It was extra satisfying because getting out there today was extra difficult.


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