To the Pain

No Time Like the Present

I don’t know what that title is supposed to mean. I was trying to think of something that had anything to do with panicking; maybe it does.

Went to the doctor this afternoon to submit the results of the assorted tests he asked for. I thought it should to be a good thing that I basically “passed” the tests. Again, no diabetes, lungs are clear, heart is good, nothing in my blood—so far, with the scope of the tests—is causing the numbness and tingling sensations.

Oh well, I thought. That’s it. Another mystery. I shall have to be content not knowing. But no, this time around we are not stopping there. Apparently, this time, it warrants further investigation. And, there I was thinking and asking my doctor “isn’t it a good thing it’s not diabetes?” As it turns out, not really.

Anyway, for some reason, I can’t find it in me to be unhappy with the conclusion that I don’t have damned diabetes. That’s just me being contrary—it’s my nature.

So, the doctor says we have to move on to the next round of tests. Naturally in my head I’m going, damn, how much is this one going to cost? Then he says, now we need a test for cancer markers.


It turns out, the tingling and numbness may be a symptom of certain type of cancers as well. Of course, as cool as I am, part of me is slightly freaked. But, what’s the point? I just have to get the tests done and get negative results. That’s all. Ha ha. If it’s sounds delusional, maybe it is.

One day at a time, one test at a time. Besides, that’s all my wallet can accommodate.


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