The Race is Long

Bowie’s in My Headspace

Jemaine as Bowie

Jemaine as Bowie

“Do you have one really funky sequined spacesuit Bowie or do you have several ch-changes?”

It must be the new purple shirt.

Or maybe just a general feeling of weirdness this morning.

I knew I was a bit out of sorts as I started my run. It’s not a cop out. I knew it even last night. I made sure not to make an even bigger deal out of it and just got out and hit the road anyway, no matter what; just do what I can. A bit lacking on the push department, perhaps, but given the assorted shit of the last couple of weeks, I’ve earned this itty-bitty slack.

Anyway, after a short while, even my slow shuffle was taking a mental toll on me. Not halfway through today’s run, I way feeling a major dip into the pits.

And as usual, a song saves me.

You never know with these things. Sometimes, it can be something with a message so profound it knocks the air out of you or makes your eye-sockets leak, or it could be something so stupid it just brightens everything up.

This morning, it was the latter.

As the silly Flight of the Conchords track called “Bowie” (my iPod’s on shuffle, if you must know) starts playing and I automatically mouth the lyrics, I couldn’t help but laugh at the second verse.

Well, the rest of my run didn’t go smoothly after that. I didn’t even run the rest of the way, actually. I walked a some bits, then ran, then walked some more, and then ran again. In total, I  ran more than I walked and semi-baked under the sun for over two hours.

The point is, I was able to keep going. A minor attitude adjustment was all I needed, a little boost; a “tuning” of sorts from two crazy dudes with weird accents singing about a David Bowie circa Ziggy Stardust. Yep, it was indeed like receiving transmission from Lieutenant Bowie. After that, it was still a struggle but it was mostly physical, everything else was on autopilot.

The message: to keep going; and, finding something hilarious somewhere will make it easier. Life is silly like that, so is running.



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