The Race is Long

I’m Back—Sorta

I’ll make this quick because I’m still kinda tired and it’s already Monday.

I don’t run for the bragging rights or the validation but I gotta say, sometimes, it’s nice.

I ran yesterday afternoon. Again, without over thinking it and not too much planning. I suppose, in this stage of the game, I’m just out to outlast my brain—which I did, thankfully and barely.

As I stumbled home, I got a phone call from my brother. He’s the original runner in the family—in my head, others will claim differently, they can claim till they get hoarse—and as we spoke he was casually shocked that I running again, beyond 5ks and 10ks. Ha ha! It was a good surprised tone, not insulting. Validating.

So, that was a good feeling overall. I’d like to say more about the subject. I had an entire column planned actually; but, like I said, I’m still tired and I gotta go to work.


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