Everyday Uncommon

The Planners

It seems that I’ve been tired and busy this past week. It’s weird because there have also been a lot of breaks and holidays—maybe they’re the reason why I’ve been tired and busy!

The upcoming event, my parent’s 50th wedding anniversary, has had my sister and I running around like headless chickens. As “coordinators” we’re hopeless.

For all the anticipation and the planning—well, more talking than actual planning happened—we now find ourselves, naturally, slightly behind schedule and partially cramming to get things done. With about 20-something days to go, there are quite a few things still left on our to-do list.

I’m not really bellyaching about all this. As stressful as this has been—and I’m pretty sure we’re not done with the stress yet—the process has also been quite fun. I know my mom is enjoying it as well and that makes it worthwhile. It also makes up for the fact that she didn’t really get to plan or even help plan her daughters’ weddings. I have not been and will not be in the near future, and my sister had a very small and simple wedding that didn’t need much fuss. So, in that sense, my mom has been deprived. Ha ha!

I wonder what it was like for her the first time around. I have a feeling that back then, she didn’t have much say in her own wedding, except perhaps in her wedding gown. This time around, for their golden anniversary, I hope she feels it’s truly hers.


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