The Race is Long

The Great Turtle Speaks

The Great Turtle’s back hurts from carrying around its house all day. Plus, as is always the case these days, I am in a hurry.

Last Sunday’s run was good and not. Good because I did my distance (15k), but not, because for some reason, I feel dissatisfied with it. On the upside, taking nutrition leaves me not quite wrecked at the end of my effort; like I can still go on if I had to. Unlike the previous weeks where I was basically cursing at the last couple of kilometers and practically crawling home. So, I guess I’ll be taking more of them High5s (I hope I can find them here). As for GU, I’ll think about it.

I’m a bit behind schedule. Only slightly off. I know I must make the corrections, and soon. I just hope I have the strength. I’m feeling particularly bogged down today.

I got some good news yesterday. I might be racing in December in a place I’ve been wanting to visit for some time now—I never know with these things, It’s been a personal policy never to count on anything until you’re actually there. A short race, a half, but a nice one. It’s something to aim for. I still plan to do my own marathon anyway. So, that’s another thing to aim for. I better shape up and get serious.

That’s all for today.


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