The Race is Long

What Does Not Kill You…

So, after a week of no running, no going to the gym, barely any sleep, stress galore, and several hours on feet killers, I managed to drag my numb legs to the treadmill for my abbreviated Sunday run.

Well, if we really do sweat out toxins, consider mine halfway expunged. I left a lot of the previous week’s tension and frustrations dripping down my shirt and on the treadmill’s belt.

I’m still getting over my combination prickly-numb toes but they’re not as bad this time out. I’m hoping that my feet will be back to normal soon. It’s already Tuesday today and I was supposed to have gone on an easy run but the storm made that impossible—could not even go to the gym.  So, more catching up.

I’m officially registered for a belated birthday race in December but I’m seriously lagging behind on my other goal. In a couple of weeks, I ought to be hitting 20k and upwards for my long runs and working on improving my pace at the same time. Good luck to me.

I’m still hopeful and still prepared to work.


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