Everyday Uncommon


DarnaBeautiful isn’t she?

I was offered Darna this afternoon and I passed.

By Darna, I mean this Darna or slightly different version of her, approximately 20 x 30 and currently—at least I think it still is—hanging on my friend’s wall.

I’ve been very vocal about my admiration for that particular piece since I first saw it a few years ago; and due to a sad backstory regarding the owner (my friend) and his friend, he nonchalantly told me I could have Darna.

Over an impromptu hangout this afternoon, we caught up over our adventures for the last few weeks. And over a cup of coffee, he was giving me Darna.

First off, I was shocked; naturally, I laughed it off. I knew what the artwork and the act of giving it away symbolized; and I also knew what ruined friendships does to a person’s state of mind. I’m still recovering from one myself but I’m at the point where I have way more good days than bad ones. I don’t want to take advantage of my friend, but I was tempted there, for a heartbeat.

In any case, let me enjoy the image even if only from this view, and allow myself the thought that it was mine for the taking, if only for a few seconds.


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