Everyday Uncommon

Smells Like a New Year

What’s up 2012? Whatever is up, I don’t think it’s me. It seems I’m barely awake these last few weeks. I better slap me some wide eyes now!

Now that’s done, I’m off to a limping start, literally. Nothing to worry over so much, I’m typing all this with a slightly crooked, (and yes, partially rotten, I can’t help it) smile. I always try to look at things through rose-tinted glasses even if they are the wrong grade and are infernally dusty.

Talking about limping starts, I meant it. I went off and hurt my foot. So, I really have been off my game lately. I went to a wedding and looked smashing—if I may say so myself—until I made the acquaintance of the dratted cobblestone incline! I fell as gracefully as I could manage, which was pretty graceful as falls or a near fall could look (I need to categorize these things, I did not quite fall, land on my face or bum, I caught myself on my hands). I recovered shakily and went on through the night with pain in my foot,  secretly dreading that I might have injured myself and tanked my running plans. I got my confirmation a few hours of denial later, when I removed my shoes let my foot rest for an hour on the way home and could not put it back on to get out of the car.

It’s healing nicely, I think. I hope.

There’s a lesson in there somewhere. I did try to dress appropriately. I thought the venue was indoors, I’ve been there before. I was wrong. Everyone focused on the heels of my shoe and the fact that it was quite high, which by the way, felt like I was being penalized for being tall and wearing tall shoes. My shoes went with my dress and were very comfortable despite the height. I had trouble with the rough terrain. All the ladies’ heels sank in the grass, it tore at the balls of our feet to keep on top of it. The rain also did not help but most importantly, inclines and uneven cobblestone pavers were not meant to go together.

Anyway, if it had to happen, I suppose it was better that it happened to me, we had older people there so that kind accident would have been scarier. The bride looked happy and beautiful, the groom looked like he won the best prize, there was good food, family, friends, drinks and dancing until the wee hours. Other than the tiny blips, it was a wonderful January day.

Okay, okay, so not a totally sleepy start to the year.


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