Everyday Uncommon


I’m talking to myself again. I’m having these one-woman back and forths. I know it’s weird but what are you gonna  do? Life is hard when you don’t have anyone to converse with sometimes. The few you force yourself to literally chat with are often not intellectually stimulating or only partially get what you’re talking about, either too busy with their own humdrum affairs or just not interested in yours.

Anyway, in my make believe convo, I was chatting with BC and his cohorts (a local captain of industry, and I suppose, a better description in relation to myself, a close friend of my currently somewhat excommunicated sibling). In this fantasy interview (spurred by an ad I saw—they’re hiring—I would, of course, never apply) I wax on about my experiences in business and why although still burnt, I don’t quite suffer from a bitter aftertaste. Naturally, because this is my fantasy, everyone is fascinated and charmed, surprised that my thorny exterior houses a captivating wit and charisma.


Anyway. That’s it for this morning’s illusions.


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