Everyday Uncommon

Mother’s Day

Tomorrow is Mother’s Day. We’re taking our mom out to what we hope is a nice brunch.

Occasions like these turn me into a sentimental sap—it’s not really such a big deal but it does remind me of the 2 persons I miss most so there. Anyway, there’s an upside to this. It just reminds me that life is unfair. And no matter how poorly I’m navigating through life, I’m still getting out ahead. Most people get a mother. I have  an exceptional one, had an ideal spare (by way of my aunt), and was raised by the best grandma ever (my grandma could have made all of my palymates’ dads, moms, grandmas cower and cry, plus she cooked the best stuff,  I kid you not).

So, no matter what comes my way, I haven’t got a right to feel sorry for myself, ever.

Here’s to my mom whom I will see in the morning; and the other two, they know I miss them terribly and think about them all the time.

May there never be a shortage of good mothers and strong and caring female role models.



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