The Race is Long

Rise and Stench!

Ah! Real Monsters always brings back fun memories—perhaps I should have written Aaahh! Real Monsters for full effect, but the “ah” is for me.

Rise and stench was the order of the day, rise and run to be more specific. For the last three days, I’ve been setting my alarm clock extra early so I can go out and run; I’ve been successful these last two.

I haven’t forgotten how good it felt to go out in the morning but yes, it’s been a while. I’ve allowed work and life get in the way of this one absolute pleasure. I’ve made a big effort to shift things around so that I can get to bed early and get out of it early enough to run without getting toasted—which I did anyway, yesterday, after doing something stupid and ending up with a burnt upper lip.

When I started this morning’s run, I didn’t realize how tired I was from these previous days efforts. I was surprised t feel that I hurt from my core, literally. I felt major discomfort in my midsection; I was huffing and puffing and I was just warming up with a pace just a spot faster than a plodding jog. This wet on for about 2 and a half kilometers or until I forgot about it. Other than that, I did find joy today so I’m grateful.

I finished my Sunday morning run happy, sweaty, and stinky.

On a last note: I might have found a marathon I want to join. We’ll see.




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