To the Pain

Oh That Queasy Feeling

I’m not sure if I made a breakthrough or not. I maybe found out a bit about stress-induced migraine or probably I was just due for an attack, who knows.

I was stressing out about a missing item last Thursday evening and I said, I felt nauseated—and I did. The feeling didn’t go away though; it just got worse and kept me up until the wee hours. By morning I had a headache and I felt like the room was spinning. The headache was minimal, around a 2 on a 1-5 scale but the nausea was a steady 3.5.

That left my Friday pretty much wasted. I couldn’t run, couldn’t read, and definitely couldn’t sit in front of the computer. I’m still feeling a little woozy today and my tummy still feels weird, just not as bad as yesterday. I’m grateful that at least my head doesn’t hurt so bad.

I’m hoping to at least go for a walk later and do periodic time on the computer to catch up on some work.

That’s it for the migraine report.



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