The Race is Long

Status Report

Things have been shaky on the marathon front. While I did make the leap and registered, I’m finding that pulling off the financing for the whole project might be much more difficult than I expected. I’m doing all the cutting back and saving that I can but things are still looking bleak.

The actual running meanwhile is going along, if ploddingly. Bad weather and some bad days health-wise—and maybe head-wise because sometimes it’s the migraine and the mind games holding me back—have gotten in the way but I’m doing my best to make up for them. My painful toes and toenails can attest to the effort I’m putting in. I expect some toenail casualties before September is done. Still, I know I can do more.

It’s a semi-happy Sunday for me because I did my long run. I’m happy at the effort but then again, needing the walk break bummed me. I know it’s more a mental strength deficiency than anything else. I gotta amp my game.

I’m behind on my mileage and even on my fitness. I’m giving myself a couple of weeks to show bigger and better improvement. I guess we’ll see.



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