Everyday Uncommon

Oh, November!

I just saw a link to the NaBloPoMo. I totally forgot that it’s that time of the year. I never attempted it before being that I’m always running around juggling stuff but I figure things aren’t likely to change so I might as well take the plunge.

To blog something daily is a commitment. I mean actually coming up with something to say or share. This is how I’ve treated my blogging for years—it’s the therapist’s couch in the form of a keyboard and screen.

Anyway, November is here and I’m pretty sure there will be some things to write about. There will be some events and people—and as usual, lots of opinions and feelings about them.

Today for instance, is the 1st of the month. Usually, I would be found in the cemetery along with the rest of my family remembering and saying a prayer or two for our dearly departed. This year though, I chose to sit it out. Aside from being under the weather for over a week now, I really just wanted some time to be quiet, to close shop for a bit.

A quiet mini-vacation or retreat would be ideal for this sort of thing but since I cannot get away I am making do with house-sitting and spending—even more, my sister might say—time with myself. No worrying about anything except what I’m going to eat, when to go swimming, what books to read and movies to watch, and which funny videos to dance along to. Silly and simple. That’s good enough for me.

Not a very enriching set of things to do but relaxing and hopefully, revitalizing. I need all the juice I can muster so I can mount another attack at this thing called life.


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