To the Pain

Dead From the Neck Up

This is pretty much how I feel during a migraine attack, and yes, sometimes it also means I feel extremely thick-skulled.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been feeling all sorts of not good. It’s not the garden variety pain: the feeling like my eyes are bulging out of their sockets, the pain in that covers the temples all the way down to the back of my head, the nausea, vertigo, and light and sound sensitivity. I fluctuated from symptom to symptom but at it’s worst—on the 24th of October—it was a solid day of feeling like everything is spinning and that I’m one breath away from throwing up.

I first attributed that attack to the pain in my jaw and neck after a visit to the dentist. While I’m much improved, this last episode—I’m thinking of this as one very long migraine attack with days in between when I didn’t feel too horrible but knew that it still wasn’t my normal mode—has lasted way too long.

I went to see a GP last week and he mentioned that my neck might be the culprit for this attack and prescribed a muscle relaxant called Myonal. I took it for five days and I can’t really say that I saw or felt a difference; I’m totally unsure whether it helped or not. He mentioned that my posture may be adding to my migraine problem. This theory is supported by this article I ran into earlier.  Ugh! What do I do about that? I’m picturing a neck brace and a posture correcting strap in my future. Grim.

I’m trying to view this as another opportunity for growth. I suppose now I’ll be forced to address my posture problem. Here’s hoping.


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