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Family Day Includes the Dead Too

All Saint’s and All Soul’s have come and gone but for many of us, days of remembrance and actual visitation of grave sites aren’t quite done.

I’m not big on hanging out at the cemetery for Undas—November 1, All Saints Day. I go because I like to be around my family. I find the presence of big fast food companies inside or right by the cemetery gates distasteful. These days, Undas seems less about remembering and saying prayers for the departed (if you’re a believer) and more about socializing and having a weird, loud picnic.

In general, I visit one grave site, my paternal grandmother’s. In the last few years though, I’ve lost a few more people who are close to me; people whose grave sites I feel the need to visit whether at this particular time of the year or some other significant dates.

I had not planned on visiting any this year. Today being Sunday and a couple of days after the holidays, I spent it with the family. I didn’t realize what a busy day today was going to be. We had a family function to attend the route to which conveniently passed a couple of cemeteries we would want to visit. I met up with my folks along with my brother and his kids to go cemetery hopping.

We started in Parañaque early in the morning, that’s Manila Memorial and Loyola. By lunch time, we were heading to Muntinlupa for a get-together. We stayed for a around 3 hours or so, then on the way home, swung by the Libingan ng mga Bayani just in time for the last of the afternoon sun to visit my maternal grandfather, Apo.

All in all, we visited a couple of my aunts, an uncle, and my grandfather. It’s kinda weird yet slightly comforting.


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