The Race is Long

Hurts So Good

Got up from having dinner and my right leg—from waist to mid-thigh—had gone on strike.

Earlier this evening I went on my second run. It’s just another short outing, something to wake these running muscles up and slowly get back to where I was before being practically shut in. Nothing too hard; actually, it was mostly easy until the last bit because I couldn’t help myself. It was one of those happy runs.

On the walk home, I was already feeling a little twinge around my hip. I reminded myself of the back and core exercises one doc prescribed to ease this running related back-hip pain.

I expected soreness. I expected to put in extra time stretching. I expected hot packs and strong smelling liniment. I just didn’t expect it to get here this soon and this intensely.

Still, no complaints from this corner. For me, this kind of hurt is good. It’s telling me that I’m back on the move, that I’m no longer vegging out and praying about pain I can’t do anything about.

I’ll most likely take it very easy today. Perhaps I’ll go for a long walk, spend time on the elliptical, and put my body into various weird positions to stretch them muscles out.


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