Everyday Uncommon

Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving!

I wish we had this holiday here. It’s my favourite.

For me, thanksgiving is more laid back and casual. It doesn’t have all the pressure I associate with other holidays. On this day, you gather round, eat, laugh, count your blessings, and show a little gratitude and appreciation for what and who really matter.

From time to time I can get the family together on the last Thursday of November for dinner because my birthday is just around the corner but no such luck this year.

In any case, it doesn’t make me any less grateful. I’m a lucky, lucky person. I have my people. All my parts work—although sometimes I wonder about my brain. I’m still searching but it has yet to make  me bitter or jaded. Life has been, and I hope continues to be, kind.

So, I’m sending out a huge thank you to the Universe. I hope many more people have more reasons to give thanks.

Now where’s my turkey…


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