Everyday Uncommon

You Can’t Fight DNA

First of all, happy birthday to me! Well, almost. About half an hour to go.

And it is because of my birthday that I thought to share this:


I was going over my mom’s albums and I saw this picture of her. For the first time, I cannot deny that I take after her.  Because the original is quite small and grainy (not to mention old!), I really had to do a double take. I look so much like her, it’s weird!

My dad is a handsome bastard. We, all four offspring, always liked hearing that we took after him. Yes, we were—probably still are—an ungrateful lot. My poor mother. All these years, her children have been making her feel like chopped liver.

While I am now willing and yes, somewhat less unhappy to concede this close resemblance, I’m still holding out for that verification that I at least escaped the unwelcome sentence that was my maternal grandfather’s nose. Even she who bore me will acknowledge that she’s happy to have partially escaped it too.


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