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A Killing Around The Corner

I just heard about this piece of news that totally saddened me. This area is a couple of short blocks away.

I feel sad and outraged over this, and not only because it hits literally close to home, but because until now, justice over here is selective—glad though that I still can feel this way and that the years have not jaded me. People are afraid to carry out their jobs because they’re worried about the backlash, especially if they feel they’re up against their social “superiors,” which over here, translates as someone with money, or at least, more money than they have. Sadly, this mentality is deeply ingrained in many Filipinos.

The video shows the Filipino at our shameful worst. This is common. Typical. Many here, especially those among the privileged set,  have no respect for security personnel. They feel that special rules apply to them and it’s the security guards’ job to recognize and uphold this.

I do think that the security did a piss-poor job. I don’t understand how a person can just stand there and do nothing—well, he did radio for back up—while another human being is ganged upon and then killed. The same goes for the by-stander who witnessed the whole thing, but he at least, has the excuse of being a civilian.

Yes, I’m glad that those CCTV cameras were working. Although, had the victim been a Filipino, like me for example—I pass that road at all hours and occasionally, on foot, and people like those four in that vehicle is anathema to me so it’s not unlikely for me to act the same way as Mr. Anikow (the victim) had especially after a few drinks has loosened my tongue—I doubt if the police would have swooped down on the perpetrators as swiftly and effectively. A business transaction could have easily gone down and the perps all on their merry way out of the country.

Having the four men in custody is cold comfort for Anikow’s widow and kids. The situation is close to lose-lose. The security guard will most likely get booted from his job; worse, he’ll have to live with what he didn’t do (I’d like to think this is worse but who knows). The rest of us feel a little less safe and a lot more disappointed at the state of things.


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