To the Pain

Itty-Bitty Balls of Pain

No big news from my end. And now that it’s December, the weight of NaBloPoMo has been lifted. Good try, I think, on my part. I posted more than I thought I would.

Anyway, I got this other thing to think of. Le migraine it seems has split into teeny, tiny bits. And while I’m grateful that I’m not curled up in bed afraid of light and sound and in horrible pain, the fact that “all in not well” is bothersome.

I have minor headaches, about a 1.5-2 in a scale of 5, with the ever present nausea and the neck pain. It’s not one lump of pain but smaller things that connect somewhere around my head. And while I can move about, any minor effort and I’m breaking out in cold sweat and feeling lightheaded.

I’m wondering if this is another “level” I should start watching. It’s been happening more often lately.

I’ve been taking pain relievers for the headaches, at best I get it down to a dull pain but it doesn’t really go away. This is day two. Fingers crossed that there won’t be a day three.


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