Everyday Uncommon

I Choose Half-full

I love the holidays. Even when I kind of hate it, I love it.

I hate some of the stress most of us put ourselves through to make everything perfect, as if they ever are and  as if that really matters in the bigger picture. So, when things get messy, plans go haywire, gifts get left behind, or the guests—who are mostly family anyway—have to wait a bit cause the grub is a wee late, I try to just let it all slide, to think of it as just part and parcel of the whole experience.

For the most part I think I’ve gotten so much better at it, not at being better at doing stuff but at going with the flow when things don’t work out as expected. So long as our family—mine surprisingly enjoy spending time together—is happy, everything else is gravy. Almost.

On the way home to my sister’s apartment after out Christmas get-together we had a post-mortem of the day’s events. Over all, we thought everyone in the family was good; some people associated with us, not good. I suppose there will always be some sort of drama or upset, that’s just the way it is. We’re grateful we’re all, on the whole, okay.

As for the other stuff, I know I—hopefully, somebody else will join me—will have to address it at some point. I haven’t figured out the how yet. As far as the holidays are concerned, we spent this one on the plus side and that’s a great thing to focus on.


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