Everyday Uncommon

Things That Make Me Go Hmm…

I’m being polite.

Usually, this is something that makes me utter expletives like  fuck, shit, fucker, fucking shit, and so on. Yes, not very creative of me but this is what happens when I run into some trouble with my ISP, everything freezes including my ability to come up with other swear words.

Yeah, it’s silly getting worked up over these things but I’m not very handy when it comes to this stuff. I find it very frustrating.

For several years, I had a reliable service provider (Destiny) and then last year, they sold out, mucking up the service, then leaving me high and dry. My current provider (Sky Broadband), is proving to be not up to scratch.

Signing up with these guys was easy and quick. Ugh! It was like getting a quickie wedding that I’m now regretting and having a hell of a time with at counselling, when all I really want is a divorce!

The service is weird at best. After weeks of bugging their hotline—oh, let me tell you about that hotline: their menu is quite deceptive, even when I select the “press (number) for broadband concerns” I get options for Sky Cable and Sky Broadband applications, none for “concerns;” I will then be placed on hold for ages before I get to speak to anyone and then, that person will put me on hold again to transfer my call. It’s a tactic that would try the already frazzled patience of any reasonable subscriber. For once, my being slightly off the beam (and therefore, unreasonably persistent) is working for me—the adjustments they’ve made haven’t quite solved the problem. I’ve been having to supplement my current service with a Globe Tattoo prepaid stick. Well, thanks Sky Broadband, for more than doubling my expense!

I’m grateful for email. In dealing with Sky’s customer service, email has been an invaluable tool in demonstrating to them their idiocy. I know, I know, that seems harsh. It’s just that it can be shocking how inefficient they can be and how with file and records all easily accessible to them from whichever department, they don’t seem to know what’s going on with a particular complaint. Actually, I usually have to prompt whoever I’m speaking to to pull up the records so he or she can get a grasp of the situation. I try to be nice about this by the way; and in the over a dozen phone calls I’ve made to them, I’ve only partially lost my cool a couple of times. I see no reason and advantage to being a horror bitch to customer service agents (unless they’re trying to be purposely unhelpful—yes, I’ve encountered some twisted ones but not with this company). Most of the time, when I talk to them reasonably and calmly, I feel that they genuinely try harder to get me some help, either that or I’m just delusional. Either way, it doesn’t cost me anything to be speak to them as I want to be spoken to.

So far, the problems persist. There are some pages I cannot visit. When I do a random search on Google for example and click on a certain site, I get an error message that has to do with access. I’ve checked this with friends who have different providers and it’s not a problem for them. Some sites just won’t load or will only partially load, rendering them useless and unnavigable.

As of my last call to the Sky Broadband, they’ve decided that it’s likely that my modem is the problem and they’ll send a new one over. I’ll just have to wait about 3 days. I’m keeping my fingers crossed. But once my 12-month lock-in nears its end, I think I will start looking for a different provider.


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