Everyday Uncommon

Okay. NaBoPloMo is a bust for me. This month started out as hectic and turned into something else entirely.

Other than my personal drama, Haiyan/Yolanda happened. I am not directly affected. My home still stands and members of my family are all safe and accounted for. The typhoon did nothing to my part of the country except bring in a bit of rain and wind.  Other areas weren’t so lucky. Some were totalled. Crushed. Completely and utterly devastated.

It’s difficult to imagine what the people in Tacloban and other areas in Leyte destroyed by the storm are going through. Greater than the loss of their homes and all material possessions, the deaths of so many is almost beyond bearing.

We have plenty of storms over here; earthquakes too. We’ve had calamity on top of calamity. In a weird way, we’re used to it. Sometimes, I supposed we’ve become slightly desensitised. When something bad happens we scramble to send food, clothing, and other necessities,  and we do the usual round of donations. This latest catastrophe to befall the country, we thought, was just another one of those things. It made landfall  on Friday morning, the 8th of November and most people in Metro Manila only started hearing the buzz late Saturday night to Sunday morning.

I’m trying not to get too caught up in the sadness—a challenge because once I turned on the news, I can’t seem to stop watching. Instead, I aim to focus on the positive, the actionable. I’m hoping to do more than my usual share. I’m praying for the people who’ve lost so much. I’m praying for people like me who’ve been spared. May we stick together and take care of our own. May the people whose lives have been shattered find a way to get up and go on.


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