Everyday Uncommon

Running on Faith and Family


In Hebrew, one translation of the word wait, or Qavah, is to bind together. As I wait for news about a certain outcome or grapple for answers to a troubling issue, I imagine myself intertwined with God like sturdy strands of cord, bound together as one. Holding this image relieves any anxiety I may be feeling.
One with God, I relax, breathe into the unknown, and wait. Rather than trying to force a particular outcome, I rest in God and trust in divine wisdom.
I see this interlude as a respite for my soul. As I exercise patience, I cultivate my spiritual mettle. When the pause is over, I am renewed and ready to act from God-given insight.

I read this about six hours ago as I prepared to get some rest after a heart-shredding, physically draining day and girding up for more.

While I am not a religious person, I do believe in God and I am taking comfort in these words. I find myself grasping for anything that’ll pad my courage and strength as I watch a beloved parent go through this ordeal, one that is part and parcel of growing old.

I’m not the kind that has many friends so I’m lucky that I have my siblings and my mother around me. We prop each other up as we deal with the challenges.

I know that I am blessed. I have been, since the day I was born. I hope though that it is not too much to ask that my father be spared and allowed more time.


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