Everyday Uncommon

Providence and Angels

We’ve been at the hospital for nearly three weeks now. And while it’s my pop who is ailing, the whole family is with him in this ordeal.

I’ve noticed that through this—and I don’t feel that I’m speaking too soon—whatever we need has somehow been provided. God and everyone have made available just about everything we need at just the right time.


Vise taking over for Lourdes for the morning shift.

One of those things came in the form of two ladies. We often hear about the efficiency and competence of nurses, especially our Filipino ones, but I’ve never really seen it up close and personal. My family has been blessed with this generous care times two through our daily angels, private nurses Ms Lourdes and Vise (a.k.a. Tasing or Tasi).

For several days now, they’ve been our constant companions, not just in caring for my dad but also in keeping us sane and positive. They have been great sources of encouragement and inspiration. Watching them care for my pop, who is basically a stranger to them, with such patience, competence, and devotion inspires me to do better. And, while the goal is to get my pop back in fighting form as to not need round-the-clock care, I will definitely miss these two women who showed me a what a higher level of commitment and compassion looks like.


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