Everyday Uncommon

April Fooled

It’s  April Fools’ Day again. I’m one of the many fans, I’m sure. I feel a bit April-fooled myself, where did March go?

I suppose that was my April Fools prank, I spent March steeped in a weird haze of happiness, misery, unsettledness, certainty, fear, excitement, and an entire cauldron of contradictory feelings that I barely noticed April’s entrance.

So many changes have occurred in the last few months and I know many more are coming. I, along with other family members have moved—it’s a very big deal to us, we’re the “take root” kind of people. Some of the changes are welcome and some are definitely for the better. Still, there are parts of it that have caused my sister and I, in particular, heartache.

It feels like I left my home in just a blink. One moment I was there, the next, gone. I’m finding comfort in the fact that I like my new home. It’s simple, quiet, and just right. I’m settling in to my solo life for real. I hope there aren’t any more pranks from life for a bit. I need to recuperate from this last batch.


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