Everyday Uncommon

Bright, Sunshiny Day

I’m hanging out with my  pop on this nice and sunny Sunday morning. The view from his hospital room isn’t much but the sunlight is a big plus. It makes this day feel a bit more normal.

I’m playing some “spiritual” music. I know, most people wouldn’t think I’m into that. Well, my musical taste has always been eclectic and right now Scripture Lullabies is doing it for me. It’s my go to playlist these days when something pops up to freak me out regarding my mom or my dad’s health.

I’m in need of comfort and listening to this particular album gives me that. These last several months have taken its toll, I suppose. I’m not as calm and collected and brave as I used to be when faced with sudden challenges regarding my parents. My edges are totally frayed and it’s showing. Some calming tunes help keep the tears and useless panic at bay. It keeps my head on straight to deal with the important stuff.

So, on a sunny Sunday like this, I should be out on the road “worshipping,” instead I’m doing it from a hospital room. It’s okay. It’s a small sacrifice. After yesterday’s scare, I’m happy to forgo some things. I’m willing myself not to be resentful of others who were able to go out for a Sunday run. My dad is so totally worth missing it. Besides, worship-wise, I’m sure God can hear me loud and clear from here as well.




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