Everyday Uncommon

I’m A Walking Hair Trigger

If I had a list of names of people that have pissed me off big time, I suppose this is a good time to steer clear. I used to dislike being called “angry” or an “angry person” but I will grant my permission to be branded that now because it’s what I am. I have reached my limit and I’m fucking pissed off.

I don’t care if you’re old or sick, I’m telling you off. I’m not trading my life for yours. I’m angry and I’m tired of being ill-used. Things are going to change and I don’t give a flying fuck if I look bad. I already do anyway so it doesn’t really change anything.

As for the rest, one of these days, I will bring home a baseball bat. I will swing it. While I might aim for the soft parts, I just might get lazy and got straight for your head. One swing is all it’s going to take. I dare you. I’m not one for remorse.



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